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We love fashion


We are always exploring researching inspirations, learning and innovating, so we can propose the most extraordinary, amazing, responsible luxury collection.


No more traditional fashion system

We will never follow the extreme rhythm of over designing and over producing of the fashion system, which means more free time for creativity and innovation. 

Responsible luxury brand

We are always researching and collaboration with responsible partners, to protect the environment. We keep our production small, controlled, close to home, carefully choosing responsible materials. 

We are human

We always speak directly, and get to know all our partners, from “les petites mains” to management. We would also love to hear all about you! 

Inspired by menswear, Parisian chic, and European elegance

We strive for perfection, beauty , authenticity, elegance and effortless style. This is the essence of the  Karnit Aharoni brand.

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